Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 24, 2010

This is in Antigua, looking out from an old Army Fort, I love this picture

February 23, 2010

Dear Family,
Well I am doing good here in Rio Grande. I really like my new comp Elder Galindo. He was in my district in Arroyo, and we are already good buddys. It is going to be a really fun transfer. The work is going good here. We have a few investigators with dates. But those dates arent really set, more just like goals. The people still have a lot to learn, and still have to gain testimonies. We had three in church last week. One is Melisa, who is really cool, and really ahs a desire to learn. She asks somereally good questions. Abigail and Katy also came to church. They dont really know too much about the scriptures, but want to start. Katy is Abigails daughter, and she is 15.
The Members are really nice here. We have been feed some really good food already. The Branch is a little older here, but they are willing to help the work.
Yes Rio Grande has a bunch of resorts and golf courses. I heard Coco Beach is really nice. It is owned by Donald Trump, so you know its good. I am really excited to go to El Yunque. It is the biggest mountain in Puerto Rico, and it is in our area. I have seen pictures, it is beautiful, with a lot of water falls and rivers. A lot of people go there to hike the trails and swim.
Of course I miss getting a package here and there from you. I finally got that Christmas package from you and the ward with the tree and ornaments. I really enjoyed all the ornaments and what everyone had to say. Those ties are also SWEET! Well done, I like them a lot.
I do need something, I need another white tie for baptisms. I do have an address that you can send me letters and packages to:

Alturas de Rio Grande
Calle 1 # A36 apt 4
Rio Grande, PR 00745

I do miss Antigua, it was a really special area. But I did get to enjoy it for a while, so I cant complain. My Spanish is too horrible. It is better than I thought it would be, but that isnt saying much.

Love Elder Hardy

February 16, 2010

Well it is official, my time is up in Antigua. I am pretty bummed about it. I really love the members here, and we have some pretty solid investigators we are teaching right now. I will also miss the people here, they are so friendly and willing to talk to us. Maybe not about the church for too long, but you can just go up to anyone and start talking to them and within 5 minutes it is like you have been best friends for years. I will be serving in Puerto Rico again, in a town called Rio Grande. I heard that it is a lot of country, so that will be good. The people in the country are so much nicer than in the city. And I am excited about my companion, Elder Galindo. he is from Mexico. We were in the same district when I was in Arroyo. He is a very nice guy, and pretty funny. Doesn't speak a lick of English, so I will be getting back into Spanish pretty fast.
I will also miss Elder Bailey. He is really nice and funny. He is a little shy, but I feel I was able to help him a lot with that. Last night we taught two investigators over at a members house, and that member invited a bunch of other members. There was 12 of us there, and Elder Bailey was not timid at all. He probably talked more than me.
It was a really long lesson, since all the members wanted to share their testimonies and conversion stories. the spirit was really strong there. And then after the lesson we had some really good Roti and chicken Curry. Wow, that is some food I am going to miss bad boy. Then we took some pictures, haha, we got home WAY TOO late.
I have been getting spoiled as late, we got fed huge meals last week. One of them was a member surprise birthday party. It was really good, the Tiwaris always invite the missionaries to their birthday parties so we can talk to their friends about the Gospel. And the food was amazing! Sister Tiwari made a huge feast. Fried Chicken, Chicken wings, potato salad, Goat Curry and Roti. There was way too much food. That was the first time I have had Goat. It was actually really good. It is like roast beef with bones. The only problem was that it made me feel kind of sick, I just kept burping, and the burps tasted really nasty. I ate so much food that night, it was probably the most I have ever eaten, I wasnt even hungry the next morning, didnt even think about eating breakfast.
Well I love you all very much, I will probably be finishing out my mission in Puerto Rico now, it is good, I was just hoping for one more transfer here.

Love Elder Hardy

February 3, 2010

I am doing very well. The work is starting to pick up again. We still have those investigators that I told you about before. It is definitely interesting teaching people who arent of Christian Backround. But it is a good experience. Yes Mom I am learning how to cook some of the food from out here. I made some really good bakes, or Johnny cakes, the other day. Those are really easy to make, and I love them.
Zone conference was fun. We learned about the Apostasy from president Dewsnup. He also told us that our mission is not going to exist as of July 1st. That is when he ends the mission, and also President Martineu of the west mission, so they are just calling one president and combining the missions. We are losing Barbados, and the west mission is losing the ABC islands. But both of our missions are going to double in missionary size. I am excited about it. I can finally see the other side of Puerto Rico. That is where are the good surf is, So I am very excited, RINCON! It will just be called the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission. It just doesnt make sense having a mission with only 70 missionaries in it.
Sue and Neso are actaully being welcomed very nicely. At first it was a little shaky, but I guess they are making friends and everyone is being more friendly. Teenage girls are funny.
Haha, Jake is the best. That means a lot to me that he prays for me. He is such a stud. "E a Bad Noah!" as they would say here.
Well I love you all, stay safe. We taught a member missionary class last night, trying to help the members be better missionaries. We focused on ways to invite people to church or family night. That is something easy that any member can do. If we really have a testimony of the church, and truly understand what that means, then we should be going crazy trying to help out our families and friends to receive these blessings. I know something that you guys can do for sure, talk to your neighbors! I know I dont know their names, and they have lived there for a long time. So invite them over for dinner, brake that wall down! invite them over for Family night. it all starts with becoming friends.

Elder hardy

January 23, 2010

Good day,
The baptism went great on Sunday. It was raining all day, but we didnt care. Haha, the waves were a good size and it was pretty funny with those young girls screaming for their lives. I swithced into rescue mode and saved them. A member, Carlos DeFreitas, baptized Sue first, and she had the hardest time getting back into shore. She was tossed all over the beach, so I had to help her in, she was clenching on to me for dear life. When we made it to dry ground I yelled, "Run, run, run, here comes another one." And in a panic of trying to run she fell over again. It was extremely funny. Then Neso came out and I baptized her. She kept popping her foot, so it was on the lucky 3rd time that she kept her foot down. Haha, then we all battled the waves out there for a while. I have some great pictures.
We have actually been having a drought here. Sunday was the last time it has rained in a long while. They are turning the water off every day.
I actually eat amazing waffles at my favorite Ice cream shop, Australian. They make really good waffles, and combined with the worlds best ice cream, its amazing.

Love Elder Hardy

January 17, 2010

Yes-I Yes-I,
Haha, those are just greetings people yell to eachother, or you can just say yes with an I at the end of it, like Do you like Roti? then you could answer Yes-I. Well It has been a good week. We are just preparing Sue and Neso for this sunday. We are going to do it after church. So i am very excited for that.
Elder Bailey is really nice. I really like him a lot. He is from Boise Idaho. He got in last wednesday, and yes i am trying to show him around. Especially since there is a good chance i could leave next transfer.
I havent heard anything about a tsunami, but im sure the normans will let us know. And yes we have a Cell phone.
Wow, so the Wardrops moved in huh? That cool. Yeah the twins are pretty cool kids. Thats good you got to talk to Kyley, good that she sounds good.
That is awesome that Daniel is so willing to read the scriptures. It sounds like he is doing very well, I am so happy for him. Yes reading the scriptures is one of the most important things to do.
Well i am getting kicked off, but I love you all very much. keep the Lord in your thoughts.

January 5, 2010

Well I am staying in antigua, and Elder Harvey is going back to Puerto Rico tomorrow. Bummer, I really like Elder Harvey, we really get along, and we teach very well together. My new Comp will be Elder Bailey. When i was trainging elder ralston we had to go to new missionary meeting every other week, and elder bailey was a greenie then, so i seen him before, not never really talked to him. We will see how he is, i am optomistic. I am super happy that i get to be here for Sue and Niso's baptism, that will be awesome. they are ready for it, we just have a few commandments left to teach them.
Last week we played 4 hours straight of Cricket. I really like the sport, we will have to get a set when I get back. I will teach you all how to play. I picked it up pretty easy just from playing baseball. It is a little akward at first, but i got to be pretty good. I was voted the best bowler of the day. We got pretty burned though, we played from 10:30 till 2:30. And there are a lot of places that never see sun till we wear normal cloths. Like my legs and my neck. But i only pealed a little bit. It was super funny, haha, we went over and taught Sue and Niso that night, And I was pretty pink, but Elder Harvey was SUPER red. So they just kept staying at us with amazed looks on there faces. They havent seen too many white people in real life, so it was amazing to see us so red.
Well that is about it, I will get my new companion tomorrow night, so i will be kickin it with the Normans all day. Stay classy, dont get lazy on your personal studies. Hey is Allison and the kids going to church every week. One Love, Yes'I, Guidance, Respect, Yes"I, Cool'I, Yes'I, Cool Runnings, Rastafar'I, Yes'I. Haha not an uncommon greeting sequence.