Sunday, July 18, 2010

May 19, 2010

I am doing really good. I love Fajardo already. It is a cool town, a lot bigger than Rio Grande (Population wise). The city has a bunch of cool statues and water fountains. It is just a pretty town. Elder Kowallis is really nice. he is from my group, he is 6ft 5in and 240 pounds. I dont think too many people are going to mess with us. I did know about the water that glows. it isnt far from my apartment. Speaking of our apartment, it is really nice. They spoil the sisters. We have a real water heater, we ahve a dryer in our apartment complex, and we have air conditioning.
The branch is really strong here, there are usually 70 to 80 members in church, a lot of priesthood, and a lot of people who love the missionaries. This is my first area where they have made a list to feed the missionaries. The priesthood is also really excited to come out with us, because there were sisters here before,a nd they mostly used the reliefs society.
Last week we taught a really cool lady named Nexida (Blue). She found a pamphlet in her apartment because a member used to live there and had interest. She asks a lot of really good questions, and is really interested. She came to church the week before we got here without talking to missionaries. Her neighbor is a member and talked to her and told her where the church was at. She also came this past week with us. She has two twin girls that are 2 and CRAZY! They were too much for the primary and the teachers gave them to her, so she couldnt pay attention in gospel principles class, i wasnt happy about that. And during sacrament they ran around the whole time up on the stand. Blue was crying the whole time. But we are going to work something out this week.
We have two other investigators named Jose and Ivelisse. They have been taught everything and are just waiting for some papers so they can get married and baptized. This is the first time i have walked into a baptism. Feels great.
It has been a little stressful whitewashing, just not knowing where all the members live, but not too bad. Some members have gone out with us and shown us around.
Well everything is safe with me. I am loving Fajardo. Stay safe now.

Love Elder Hardy

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