Sunday, July 18, 2010

June 30, 2010

My week has gone good. President Alvarado became the president on Monday. I think president Dewsnup leaves today. I have heard a lot of good about President Alvarado. He is only 40 years old with a young family, and very energetic. I cant wait to meet him. Which will probably be July 11. There is going to be a big conference for the whole east side of Puerto Rico. The new area general authority is going to speak, and I would assume president Alvarado. I am excited for the conference, because I am going to see my family from Puerto Rico, Edwin, Patricia, Alexander, Edylis, and Ninoshka. They got my phone number a couple of weeks ago and called to tell me that Edwin baptized Ninoshka, and they are planning on going to the temple in Florida in July or August. I was so happy to talk to them. And I am going to see them exactly one year after I baptized them, July 11, at the conference.
We didnt teach Ray and Nick because the ferry broke down, so they couldnt get over. And there was some kind of youth camp thing going on over there with the youth from our branch and another one from puerto rico. So they got to be apart of history, they had the first sacrament meeting ever held in Culebra. I heard it was really special. They did it right on the beach. But we are goin over to culebra on thursday, and we are goin to teach ray's grandmother as well.
Well i already bought myself a birthday present. I couldnt help it when i saw wiffel ball (dont know spelling) at the store the other day. I also need some new basketball shoes, mine are falling apart pretty badly. I have had those shoes for 4 years, and they have served me well. The only thing i need from home would be a box of home made caramel popcorn. I never got it when you sent it when I was in Antigua. It might be a wierd time for you to eat it, but there is no change in weather over here, so it doesnt make a difference if it is Christmas time. I would love some home made caramel popcorn please.
Know that your son is doing better than ever, and that I love you, and I lvoe the Savior with all my heart.
Love Elder Hardy

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